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We will be posting game updates, news, and a list of community contributors here.

September 15

Alpha Round 67 has started! The coven with the most tiles enchanted per PVP-flagged member this round will take home the gold medal. So, how does that work? Depending on the size of the coven and the number of PVP players they have will determine their ranking. This means that, even if the largest coven has the most amount of tiles enchanted, they may not receive the round win if they have too many people! With this in mind, there will also be a silver and a bronze medal awarded to runner-up covens! Be sane and have fun!

  • New spell, Paws for Effect, submitted by Raven Aoki! Graphic is self-made. This spell turns its victim into a Pair of Pampered Paws!
  • New spell, Not Cut Out For This, submitted by Raven Aoki! Graphic is self-made. This spell turns its victim into a Thick Uncut Cock!
  • New spell, Bring to Silence, submitted by Demon Queen Josephine! Additional credits go to "Absolute Trash" (Artist). Graphic is by Absolute Trash. This spell turns its victim into a Meek Mouthless Maiden!

August 29

August 11

August 9

July 28

July 21

We would like to thank everyone who reached out to us about getting the proofreader role in Transformania Time! While there were a lot of you, we could only choose a few individuals to help us comb over some of the older content. That being said, please continue to submit any spelling or grammatical errors to the Proofreader team so they can get the content updated! We also actively encourage players that wish to offer their services during a spell's creation. The proofreader role in Transformania Time is merely a team to help the moderation team as a whole to fix little issues here and there.

If you find an error, please feel free to pop onto our official TT Discord server and let us know! If you have any questions, please inform a moderator, too!

Please note that while we have an official proofreader team, they are still human beings and may take some time to get back to you. Please do not bombard volunteers!

July 19

Hey, guys! It's ya girl Lindy again.

I have big news! First things first, you're going to be hearing from me a lot more, now. Done are the days when silent business on the street were the only times you'd see me: as of today, I am the head of the tourism center of our little community, the Sunnyglade Tourism Council!

So, that's nice and all, Lindella, you'll say. You're awesome, and it's only befitting for you to sit at such a prestigious position, you'll add, and you would be right. However, what does this mean for you? Except the newest citizens of our town, you won't have much use for guidance and touristic information. Luckily for you, that's not all I'll be doing: starting today, you can follow our regular updates on Twitter. Be sure to stop by; it will contain all sorts of fun and/or useful info and messages.

See you there!

July 19

Hey there! I'm here to let you know about some new changes going on with the game!

For starters, the great and amazing Annabelle will be taking over as Community Manager to help Judoo with some of the less-fun bits of managing and organizing Transformania Time. This will allow our favorite DevFae time to focus on making the technical side of the game better.

With that in mind, we'd also totally welcome people that might be interested in becoming a Proofreader for the game. There are a lot of spells out there that could use a keen eye, and even a few pieces of text in the game itself! Let Annabelle know if you're interested!

Next on the agenda is player suggestions: we love to hear them! Currently, we are looking for things that players might want to see adjusted or fixed up in the game. What sorts of things do you think could be fixed or adjusted?

July 11

June 21

June 18

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Alexia Emm, or even just "Vore"
Blanca, Blanca Duplis
BrookyBrooks or Arkon258/128
Goldendawn, Winc
Melina Mercy
Ninian / Thinfae
Stormy Clouds

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