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We will be posting game updates, news, and a list of community contributors here.

May 19

A special thanks goes out to those that participated in this month's event! Lindsay Bradley and Adam Hillman flung quite a few spells, with Kayla Mcintire and Terra Ward wearing their forms proudly through-out the event! Holly Ryder and Christi Bender also nibbled their way to their own victories with the number of flowers they both consumed!

Next month's even is going to be a bit different, so hopefully it will spice some things up. Midsummer is upon us and there will be some more fairy games to play!

May 2

The Sunnyglade Tourism Council would like to welcome everyone with a new spring in their step! No, wait, that was last month's sponsored event, wasn't it? Well, then, April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes! So, why don't we get some of those flowers showing?

For the month of May, we'll bee celebrating spring's renewal again with round victories based on (if you couldn't guess) flowers! And what would flowers bee without a few of our pollinating friends? The buzz is that they'll be around to help any fairy that might not have a home to call their own!

Are we a little vague with these? That's kind of the point! Try to have some fun!

April 18

And with that, the lately-named 'Time of the Funny Bunnies' has some to an end! Out of all of the participants, one stood out as King of the Hill, practically terrorizing local psychopaths in their wake. Ellis Hamlin comes out as the more prolific caster of bunny-time spells this round!

While not quite as mad with power, Martha Arclily and Ali Hain made their mark this round, as well!

And lastly, some folks had some fun with the dreaded Rabbit of Caerbannog, but he made sure to stay a nuisance for the many that fell victim to his bite! With all of that out of the way, the game will now be put into chaos!

April 1

It's time for a new round, so you know what that means! Or maybe you don't and it is a new experience for you! With a spring in your step, what do we have in store for you this time?

On the agenda for the next two weeks or so is all manner of bunny! As before, the round will have multiple round victories that are up for grabs. Why not see what kind of hare-brained schemes you can come up with? So, hop to it!

In the spirit of April Fool's, a bit of chaos has been added to this normal round. Those of you who remain animate might find yourself tossed into a random form. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

  • New spell, Face Your Fear, submitted by Nefertari Additional credits go to Anax for proof reading and rendering the image, and Latex Eating Virus for answering questions. Graphic is by Anaximanes. This spell turns its victim into a Noppera-bo!
  • New spell, Awooing at the Furcon!, submitted by Crystal Rawls! This spell turns its victim into a Fluffy Fursuit Head!
  • New spell, The Divine Floofening, submitted by Kuro Val! Additional credits go to Rev Arbarius. Graphic is by Rev Arbarius. This spell turns its victim into a Angelic Fox!

March 23

Chaotic Times
Sunnyglade - Monday, March 23, 2020
What's up next for Sunnyglade?

Let go of yourself and live a little.

The Sunnyglade Tourism Council is looking to put your tax dollars to work! Why has it taken so long? Well, there's always a lot of red tape that has to be gone through before something can be made official!

Three heads are better than two!
"Does any of this make sense? Pffftp, what fun is there in making sense?"

"What exactly does that even mean?" It means you can now offer your input in what spells will be the next to get some art! There are a number of spells that have been submitted to our editor that could use some photographs to go along with them! We're looking at using some of Sunnyglade's reserved funds to commission images to accompany these pieces.

If you'd like to submit your own recommendations for articles which you would like to see with a little more illustration, please send a letter to our editors letting them know your opinions!

March 12

Alpha Round 72 has ended. Congratulations to Annabelle Andrews for struggling back to an animate form the most!

Second place goes to Crystal Draper, with third place going to Crystal Rawls!

The game will now be put into chaos!

February 24

February 6

Would you like to weigh in on the next theme? Go ahead and visit the following link, where votes will be collected at the end of the weekend: https://www.strawpoll.me/19357588

February 2

Soul Vendor Lindella
Sunnyglade Tourism Council
News Post
2 February 2020

Back to School: In Conclusion

Was anyone else hot for teacher this year? Did you get enough studying in before your exams? Hopefully there was also time for extracurriculars! We've tallied up everyone's participation grade, and here's what students have scored!

Headmistress Brisby was certainly eager to meet new students, yet would have liked it to have been done under different circumstances. It seems like Sensate Jessie was sent to her office many times for breaking multiple infractions! She also wasn't happy to see Lulu Fluffystride and Toni Venusela, either! You three need to clean up your act!

Along similar grounds, due to her disciplinary issues, Sensate Jessie also sent a number of sorority housemothers to an early retirement, along with their cohorts Joseph Wow and Vanilla Cream. Shame on you!

The faculty and staff of SCCC would like to bring attention to those three who made the Headmistress's List. June Ishikawa went above and beyond in her studies, bringing in high marks! It isn't nerdy to spend a bit of extra time each day after class! Holly Ryder and Martha Arclily really showed off their school spirit, showing an extra amount of effort put into their after-school activities!

Teachers and administrators would also like to thank the various club leaders for helping to keep peers engaged and attentive! Special thanks go out to Chiaki Hisatsu, June Ishikawa, Roxanne Lanford, Matt Pittman, Misty Lovett, and Madge Mercy!

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